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I did my courses for oupv, master upgrade, towing, online BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. Huge pain in the butt. But I definitely need consultation and assistance making sure my application is as strong as possible. Can anyone recommend a firm? Or company that does this? It is 350$ from what I have gotten back… if it is this much I think I would rather just retake master upgrade at SeaSchool in tampa and pay them 50$ for the service. They, from what I hear, even send you to doctors who are experienced in filling out the 719k. My doctor just checked it and signed saying I was fit for life at sea. He didn’t explain any thing, such as me providing live fire training cert and stuff from STCW school to prove my physical ability.

First: online courses? My understanding is that as long as the school/course is on the NMCs approved list then you’re good to go.

Second, and this is just my opinion, it’s good experience to follow the checklist to the letter and submit on your own. I’m not bashing anyone that uses a consultant.

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Sounds like you are applying for Master 100 or 200, and that by “towing” you mean commercial assistance towing, added to a license for less than 200 GRT. If this is correct, I’d make sure your sea service documentation is in order, and that you apply less than 1 year since you finished the earliest of your courses.

As a note for others I would suggest applying before you take courses that will substitute for taking an exam given by the Coast Guard. Those courses have a short shelf life (1 year) so you want to make sure you are otherwise qualified before committing to a course you might have to re-take if your application has deficiencies. When you get “approved to test” by the NMC you can take the course(s) without risk of expiration.


Seaside East Mariner consulting. I haven’t used the service for and upgrade yet but he helped me a ton with figuring out a path to move from inland to NC

Always a pleasure to read your notes and information, Mr Cavo. Thank you

Great idea. Thank you sir!