Master 1600 O/C to 3rd Mate AGT ? whats the new skinny

My assessments and paper work have all been submitted, but the NMC seems to be unsure as to what it intends to do. I have tried to speak with my evaluator but am being told to call back every few days. The online application status update says they are awaiting info but they won’t say what info they need, it also says they mailed me a letter detailing what they need from me, but when I asked them they said no letter was ever mailed. Is anybody else going through this? I’m aware they are going to ask me to test.

They did that to me on my upgrade, you basically have to hound them on the phone and I did get a letter about 2 weeks after they told me what’s up over the phone in my case anyways.

Did you get a letter to test? or a 3rd Mate. was this recently or a while ago?

I have had the same thing going on when I have asked the nmc they tell me that they are waiting for some archived records they have had my app for a little over a month now. They keep tell g me to check every few days. Hope this helps

It was 2years ago for me was adding master of towing to my 3/M it ended up being for clarification on my seatime letter requesting specific routes. I would guess if all your ducks are in a row it’s prob for something simple like that.