Problem with NMC

I have a 100ton master inland and applied to expand to nearcoastal on 2/8/12. At first, my evaluatorcouldn’t add my sea time correctly but that was eventually resolved with somebasic math. I retook the 16 hour rulesof the road and the 3 day upgrade to master. I was approved with a letter to test so everything was done at NMC. I submitted the last certificate to NMC onthe 12[SUP]th[/SUP] and it was sent to my evaluator on 3/13. It should have taken 3-5 days for myevaluator to process that but to date, I’ve heard nothing. I emailed IASKNMC@uscg.miland they keep blowing me off. It’sstarting to get ridiculous… I’ve neverhad any issues with NMC up until this raise in grade application. If there is anyone from NMC monitoring thissite, my reference # is 2282572. Anyone have a recent similar experience?

Define blowing you off.

If your definition is they have not e-mailed you back, then I am not surprised. I would make a rational call and speak to someone. Kill with kindness, don’t blow your top and you should get some type of answer. They are getting better but aren’t there yet.

Looks like this resolve finally…