Anyone else frustrated with incredibly poor service at NMC?

I’ve had a simple application in at NMC for months, should have been a straight forward approval to remove tonnage restriction and approval to test for Oceans ( upper level ).
After no word for weeks I called and found out it was denied. Never received letter, or e-mail notification, not able to find info on status on web site.
Sea time letter, all paperwork for app. Is in order.
Sent request for reconsideration , over a month before it was ever sent upstairs. I send emails, and never receive a response. I see they claim the average turnover is about ten days, but they time out the application at every opportunity.
My average for the last year is about three months.

I am never allowed to talk to the evaluator, if I could I’m sure the communication would save time for us both.
Renewals with no medical issues seem to get through in a reasonable amount of time, but anything that doesn’t comply with the laminated checklist seems to take months…

Any other Mariners having the same problems ?
Any suggestions, particular customer service representative or supervisor who is helpful to get results ?

Capt Leigh, I have also been nothing but frustrated with the entire process. It does seem to stem from anything out of the ordinary, simple gets through but if you don’t have the exact match for their checklist then it becomes a horror story in slow motion.

Same symptoms: Can’t speak with my evaluator to discuss anything. Some of my first issues I would ask them to email me my “request for more information” and the evaluator would be the one to send the email and then you know their name and can start a back and forth directly with them. Now that has seemed to stop as they now route them through “somebody”.

I have been mislead, confused, sandbagged, etc. Why I don’t know. Have 2 request for reconsideration, one via my congressman, and the other by my request. The congressman issue is several months old and I cannot even get an update. My request on a separate is weeks old and I have all but given up.

They are nice, but incompetent. I wish I had better news. Good luck with your issues.

Emailed my app for removal of limitation on ARPA to local REC. They received on Oct 30 and forwarded to NMC. Nov 1 checked status and found out application has cleared the safety and suitability vetting and medical screening/evaluation processes and is currently awaiting a professional qualification evaluation. Checked every day, no movement. Called today and they said app was going through medical and sea time evaluation. Advised them that was not required for ARPA, they advised checking Tuesday or Wednesday. Just got email stating “Your application is being evaluated for professional qualifications.”

I think the hold up is on the front end. They don’t know what to do with app when it comes in so they sit on it.

Had similar problem earlier this year when doing time upgrade on 500 ton to 1600 ton. Needed to go through each seatime letter and do the math with evaluator. They initially said I was short over 100 days. In the end, was over 60 days.

My only suggestion is persistence and follow up. It should not have to be that way but it is.

After my experience with the NMC during the “consolidation”, I opted to use Andy Hammond as an agent/expeditor. While I can read the CFR’s and NVICs, actually being able to respond while offshore and point out errors in NMC-speak can be problematic. Andy just helped me through my upgrade to 1600M Oc & Master of Towing Oceans - best 200.00 I’ve spent in a long time!

I recently renewed my Master 1600 Oceans and 2nd mate. It took about 3 weeks and I had no problems

Had zero issues renewing my 200 ton recently even after it had been expired for 5 years!

You have 1 year grace period after the 5 years for renewal.