Need Advice Major MMc Screwup

I have been aproved for a raise in scope from master 500 nc to 1600 nc. [B][U]They sent me the aproval letter for master 1600[/U][/B] with what else they wanted, which was a lot of classes. I have now completed all the clases, like, Med care provider, Falashing Light, AB, Life boat, Fire fighting, Brm, Radar,
Now after I have sent in all the certifics my evaulator calls me and tells me he has made a terable mistake and tells me that I am short on time for the upgrade and he wants me to send him a fax recinding my appclation for the upgrade to 1600 and he tells me,I will be full stcw for my 500.

I can’t beleve this. I am not sending in any thing untill I talk to a few people and see what they have to say.

You did not say how many days short. Just verify your records against what NMC says you have. If worse comes to worse. Take the 500 t STCW compliant and then acquire more tonnage time to upgrade to 1600. That is worse case. But, is it really worse getting the 500 and getting the time to upgrade to 1600? You should not have to do anything other then the app again (not to mention the fees). Hope this helps you out.

You only need 360 days to move from 500 master to 1600 master. Now you’ve gotten all the crap out of the way. Go get whatever time they require and then it is an easy administrative upgrade. How many days are you short? And, not to be an ass but didn’t you figure out your seatime before you applied?

Regardless, I wouldn’t advise that you send a fax that lets them off the hook for anything. They should be sending you a fax apologizing for messing up and approving you, but you should have known ahead of time that you were short the days.

That is not necessarily true. If he came off a crewboat/100 ton vessel with no time on larger vessels he will require 720 days (480 twelve hour days) to upgrade to 1600 Master.

Good point, Lee. Thanks!