500T Master to 1600T Master upgrade

I obtained a 500-T Master / Master Of Towing under the “towing personnel shortcut” and was told I could simply turn in an application and would automatically receive the upgrade to 1600-T Master. True? ( Hard to get a straight answer. Thank you.)

I don’t know about towing, but in the past a Master 500 NC or Oceans could upgrade to Master 1600 with additional sea time only. Check the NMC website checklists for deck offices.

Yeah except you have to have the proper days as mate/master towing, I think, need to double check. Not that automatic. And is there a limit on how many transactions you can do under the old rules/new rules? You may have used that chance up with the MOT shortcut? Maybe not, just asking rhetorical questions.

Here you go:


"360 days of service as master/mate or master/mate T/V’s on Ocean or Near Coastal waters on vessels of more than 100 GRT while holding a license or MMC as mate less than 1600 GRT OC or master/ mate T/V’s. "

Roger that gentlemen! I appreciate the help.