I have a question about a New Original MMC

I know many have most likely seen something like this posted before but due to Covid & the slow NMC I have a very important question. I just recently sent in my paperwork on the 2nd of February 2022. As of Friday the 4th at around 12pm I received a message of my application ready to be evaluated PQEB. I know what the PQEB is & that it is pretty much the last step, we’ll kind of. But here’s my question, at this current time, when do you think I’ll have my MMC in hand and/or when will it be on the evaluators desk.

A little background on me, I applied for my OUPV, 100ton, & my towing endorsement. I am currently active duty navy so most of my paperwork is on command letter head for my sea service. I have some sea service for my own boat as well. The ships I’ve been aboard are from 2GT-100,000GT. Due to the nmc being somewhat incompetent do you think they’ll understand that I am navy, or are they going to want loads more of information from me?

Anyone who may have gotten their original MMC while active or after separation please comment if you had a hard time! Thank you so much & I’m sorry for being the 710th person to ask this question!

Why did you apply for both OUPV and Master 100? Different routes?

Are you planning on taking the exam for Master 100 or OUPV from the Coast Guard, or did you take an approved course that substitutes for it (if so, it needs to be within the past year)?

What do you mean by “towing endorsement?” Mate/Master of Towing Vessels, or Commercial Assistance Towing? If the latter, have you taken a course for it? If the former, do you have service on a towing vessel and a properly completed TOAR?

Considering the questions above, I don’t think anyone can give a credible answer to when you will get your MMC.

Do you know that if you are active duty, you do not have to pay any of the MMC fees? See CG-MMC Policy Letter 02-20. It’s not retroactive so you can’t get a refund of fees you already paid, but you can avoid any you have not paid yet.

I took all the exams for my OUPV my 100 ton upgrade as well as my commercial towing endorsement. They all were emailed in with my application.

I also proved my active military contract to skip the pay.gov payment. It’s included in my application.

Took all the courses in January of 2022. I have a boat of my own, hence the OUPV & I will be driving a commercial dive operator hence the 100ton. I got the commercial towing in case I’d like to work with tow boat u.s.

If the OUPV and 100 GRT Master are for the same route (e.g. near coastal or inland), you don’t actually get the OUPV endorsement on your MMC - only the Master. The Master endorsement covers you for OUPV. But it doesn’t hurt to put both on your application.

§ 15.905 Uninspected passenger vessels.

(a) An individual holding a license or MMC endorsed as master or pilot of an inspected self-propelled vessel is authorized to serve as operator of an uninspected passenger vessel of less than 100 GRT within any restrictions, other than tonnage limitations, on the individual’s license or MMC.