MMC Status?

I applied for the MMC on April 6th, the status changed for the medical certificate on the website and it’s already been mailed.

However, I have no confirmation from the REC that they have even received my application (CG-719B) and supplemental materials. I e-mailed the NMC but they still haven’t gotten back to me.

Is this normal or is it possible that they didn’t receive my application?

How could they know to send you a medical certificate if they didn’t get your application?

Because they go to different places. One goes to the NMC, another to REC.

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You should have gotten a confirmation email from the address saying that your application was submitted to your REC. You get one confirming your med cert has been received and a separate one for your application, usually on the same day. Then you will get one when your REC has forwarded the app to the NMC.

Other than that you can log in with the reference number they gave you. It will show you the step you’re at.

The NMC will get back to you (though I think they’re taking a little longer lately). If you’re especially impatient you could send another email. Try not to though… I did that and my credential ended up at basically every address in the country but my own for 2 months. When I finally got it I received another one in the mail 4 days later(!)

Thank you for the reply. No, i haven’t gotten anything from the REC. Figured it would take them longer, i definitely followed all the rules and my email was much less than 8mb. I submitted it on the 2nd.

I just figured it out i think. When i sent the email in gmail it said it was under 8mb even with attachments but uncompressed it is over which means they might not have even gotten it.

I only have until june 18th to get this for SIU

Cutting it short! Definitely email or call the REC to see if your initial application was accepted. If not, recompress and send it out tomorrow.

Mine took about 40ish days to process (with PQEB eval) and then another 60 to actually get to the right address. My REC (Houston) took 3 days to send it to the NMC. Hope yours comes through in time!

Everybody is swamped and operating with less personnel. Be persistent but polite. They will appreciate that. Good luck sir