MMC renewal turnaround time

Anyone know how long the NMC has been taking to issue credentials in the last month or so? Thanks

Common question. This report tends to be the most accurate estimate. 26 days seems to be the average, but latest measure is from Feb.

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Ok I appreciate that Information I kind of have a job that is depending if they get my my MMC back by the end of may is what I asked thanks again.

I submitted a renewal in Feb, it was 4-5 weeks with no hold-ups or requests for more info. Med Cert was a little over 1 week.

Thanks for the info man! Highly appreciated

Renewal submitted:

February 11


April 12

Thank you. That from the day you sent it to the Rec center?

And did you have to send them additional paperwork ?

Yes, from the day I emailed it to the rec to the day it was printed. Perfectly straightforward renewal, no additional information required.

It’s now May and performance stats still aren’t available for March. If you look at the trend and assume it follows that trajectory (or worse), the processing times are going to get longer and longer.

My application has been waiting to be assigined a qualified examiner since the first week of April and still no movement. Starting the 5th week with that status. This is the last stop and I understand it will only take a few hours if they don’t find any reason to delay once it reaches an examiner. Hope it pops soon!

Sent application to REC 2/25/22

REC did not acknowledge receipt of application till 3/11/22

By 3/18/22 I was forwarded to the NMC, processed through medical, and awaiting professional qualifications evaluation.

No change in status so sent an email on 4/21/22 asking what was up.

4/22/22 changed to being evaluated PQEB, hit a small snag on needing some more information.

Requested information sent via email last Friday, 4/29/22

License renewal approved to print today, 5/4/22.

Just shy of 10 weeks total from first submission to the REC to approval to print.

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Where do you find these reports - do you have a direct link. thank you

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Straightforward renewal.

No additional information requested.

052622-Emailed application to Charleston REC

060222-REC Martinsburg (even though I emailed Chas) acknowledges application received and forwards to NMC. In Transit

060822-Awaiting PQEB

072022-Being Evaluated PQEB

072022-Approved To Print



073022-Received in mail