NMC current processing time

Just an update on processing times at the NMC. I submitted an application to the REC May 17. They forwarded it to the NMC on the 19th. There it’s been languishing for 4 weeks now. Still waiting to be assigned to an evaluator.

The NMC web site stats says average monthly net processing time is 26.59 days. (Time from submittal to issue) As per the May 2021 report. From my wait so far, I don’t believe their stats. You can’t issue within 27 days of you don’t even assign to an evaluator in 28 days. I’ll update when they actually start to look at the application.

That is for NET processing time. That may differ from total processing time.

I’m still waiting on a confirmation that my medical was received or a reply from the “chat” I sent.

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My renewal took less than 30 days!!!?

My packet was sent in on the 12th of May. Received by the nmc on the 14th of May
Sent to the evaluator on the 26th and the evaluator determined they needed a certificate I had already used for a renewal in 2016? After sending in the cert on the 26th, the email review staff sent the cert to the evaluator on the 8th. The evaluator issued and mailed my license on the 9th. With the expedited shipping option, I had my new mmc in hand on the 12th. Pretty impressive with the rapid turnaround. If the nmc had not misplaced my leadership and management cert the whole process could have been completed in less than 3 weeks. Still waiting on them to process my med cert though, good thing my current one is good until march of 22.

I called a few times to check up on things and also monitored my application online. The mailed letter explaining the missing cert arrived the same day as my mmc.

The current flow chart on the website where you check the status of your application is no longer accurate. I was informed by the Nmc contractor working the phones that a mmc application package clears initial screening and will not clear medical before being sent to a professional evaluator. In the past an application cleared med screening then went to professional evaluation as per the now crap flow chart

Yes, they do say it doesn’t include time waiting for information back from the applicant. That’s not the case here. Waiting for them to assign an evaluator is time counted against them. At least in my reasoning.

Unfortunately, I’m not somewhere I can easily call them. Or do chat to see what the hold up is.

I called a few days ago and was told 49 days start to finish

My medical certificate was issued and mailed out on Monday, it was a clean, no health issues application, with less than 30 day turn around.

So now it’s in the hands of the incompetent Postal Service :slightly_smiling_face:


Day 50 from submitting to REC, day 48 from accepted at NMC, the application was finally assigned to an evaluator.

Hopefully the evaluator won’t need to take too long to look at the application.

That doesn’t sound very promising. Unless your application is very simple and straightforward, you are probably looking at another couple of months.

NMC is the USCG’s underfunded, understaffed, and unwanted bastard child. With Covid, NMC has a plausible excuse for doing nothing.

But look on the bright side, the NMC’s dysfunction has helped to clear out the glut of licensed mariners and bring on rising wages.

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Once assigned to an evaluator, it was processed, printed, and mailed the next day.

The issue is just getting it assigned to an evaluator. At least it’s finally on the way.

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Congrats! I’m glad that you had good luck with it.