Current med cert processing time

Anyone have an updated time line for med cert renewal?

2-3 months

I was just past 50 days, received mine in the mail 2 weeks ago.

I applied May 1 and it was approved on June 12. I hadn’t hear anything by June 11, so I sent a follow up email asking for confirmation it was received… Low and behold, I got an email on the 12 saying it had been approved. I still haven’t seen it in the mail, but I live in NZ so that’s not a surprise.

Sent April 4th, I haven’t heard anything other than a "we got it"email.

April 16th: Emailed physical to CG. Received confirmation email same day.

April 17th: Noticed I couldn’t track application on NMC site.

May 18th: Called NMC & asked about not being able to track application. Representative said the Medical Department did not accept my physical yet due to backlog & it could take between 6 to 10 weeks.

May 27th: Received email saying physical received by Medical Department.

May 28th: Another email saying all good & certificate would be mailed soon.

May 28th: Another email minutes later saying it was in the mail & could take the usps 14 days to get it to me.

June 7th: Medical Certificate arrived in my mail box.

A little over 7 weeks with no issues, the longest it’s ever taken for me.

If you make sure it’s complete you should be good. See bulletin:

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80 days since applying and I just got word my application has reached a medical evaluator.

I feel slightly better, I’m on day 78 today.

I am on day 30-something and called the USCG yesterday. They were unable to tell me anything. Reading this tells me I need to be much, much…much more patient :flushed:

@Tugboater203 & @Lemurian2 , did you guys mail yours off or send via email in 1 pdf? I’m wondering because it looks like I emailed my off later than you two but got my back already. Any health issues that would require more time screening? Another thing it could be was mine was due to expire in June so maybe they’re prioritizing on expiration date. Odd.

I emailed mine on April 4th and have no outstanding medical issues. It was a single pdf file with my reference number in the title.

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I emailed a PDF application. Nothing special. The STCW portion expired a few weeks ago. Good thing I’m working inland right now.
I did get an update from the USCG that the medical has been approved to print. That happened within hours of the notification that my application reached the evaluator. No rhyme or reason.

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@Tugboater203 & @Lemurian2 , really weird since it’s now the same nmc for everyone. I sail international & need the stcw portion so maybe they’re prioritizing on need since my was expiring the same a Lecurian2. For me, the med cert has always been the fastest with turn around in 2 weeks or less. From now on I’ll start doing it 4 months in advance to be safe which is a shame. Maybe they should get AI to help them & get it done in seconds?