Med Cert Turn around Times

I know this has been discussed before but has anyone recently (last 90 days) renewed their med cert and how long did it take from the time you sent it in to the time it was on your hand? Thanks in advance. Mine is renewing in September and I am getting off in a week for a physical.

Med certs are running like 2 days literally. Trust me, I know a guy. NMCs are backed up but the med certificate is lightning fast.

Submitted 7/28 got an email they received it same day , haven’t heard from them since


But that was 3 days ago!

Hi Robert, I submitted a clean physical on 07/05/2023. Received an acknowledgement that it was accepted. As of today, I do not have my medical certificate.


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June 25th - Emailed to NMC

July 24th - Evaluated, Approved to Print, and Printed & Mailed

July 27th - Received in mail

1 week (pre covid) to 1.5 month has been the spread of my time range over the last few years.

I got mine last month and it took about 2 weeks from email to my mailbox.

Thanks for the info and help

Apparently the Post Office delivers Med Certs a lot faster than MMCs​:rofl::rofl:

Right? How’s this guy hounding lmao

Latest update 8/17 the dr didn’t sign it, instead she used her Stamp. I guess that’s not acceptable?

I sent my physical in on 8/5, email acknowledging receipt on 8/6. Nothing else as of today (8/17). No issues, nothing different from last physical, all I’s dotted, T’s crossed, boxes checked.