Medical certificate application ID

I’m experiencing something new at nmc. I submitted my med cert renewal application on Monday evening Aug 5th and did not hear back that the received it. I went ahead and called them today Aug 9th and was told that it was waiting for an evaluator. Shouldn’t I have received an application ID as I have in the past? Has anyone else run into this issue. It would be nice to track progress while waiting.

Thanks for the help!

Did you send it to NMC directly, or to an REC? Was it just for the med cert?

It was just the med cert and I sent it directly to NMC. Maybe it would have been better to send it via REC.

No. For med cert only, always best to go straight to NMC. All REC does for that is pass it on, and no value add.

Ok. Just seems slow compared to past wait times for a med cert with no medical issues. Anyway, I’ll be patient and wait it out. Thanks!

I did mine last month. I received an ID to track progress and got emails every step of the way. Don’t know if something has changed. Odd…

I did mine in May and received tracking info every step of the way.
Dr. Missed a signature and I still got it done in about 3wks

All that worry for nothing. It was issued this morning. Thanks for the comments!

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Applying for Medical Certificate Renewal.
7/25/19: Submitted 719K at REC Seattle for scanning to West Virginia.
emails from NMC about progress:
8/06: Accepted for review at WV.
8/12: WV screening to insure 719K complete and ready.
8/12: 719K determined to be complete and approved for issuance of Med Certificate.
8/13: Med Cert mailed from W. Virginia.
8/16: Med Cert received at my Seattle address.

Good luck, “Your results may differ.”