Change in Application ID

This is a basic question in regards to MMC renewal. I was assigned an application ID that showed up on my 1st 2 emails. The 2nd email said my packet was through med screening and had moved to professional evaluator. Now I get a 3rd email from REC in Martinsburg (I submitted in Seattle) saying they received my application and were reviewing for Med certificate. This email had a different application ID and the old one doesn’t work. My question- Is this normal? I don’t remember it happening that way last time. Appreciate any insight.

I believe the med cert and renewal get split and go down two different paths once it gets to the NMC.

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I thought that might be the case. Just got concerned when the 1st # I had didn’t show anything. It looked odd. Thanks.

I also received two application IDs/Numbers when I upgraded/renewed recently. One ID was assigned to a medical certification application and another was assigned to my upgrade/renewal. The use of two application IDs did cause a little problem. I was unable to look up my upgrade/renewal status online and the system stated the information input did not match any records. I contacted the NMC chat and was informed the system utilized by the USCG could only recognize one application ID per mariner. As such, my med cert application could be looked up online while the upgrade/renewal couldn’t.

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I don’t work at NMC and so have no idea about what you describe, but the rotating banners on their web page front page notes a problem with auto-generated emails.

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This is exactly what I was looking at. Thanks for saving me a call.

I didn’t notice that. Thank you.