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So submitted my application for my 100 ton Master with a few endorsements to REC Honolulu last friday and received a response within 20 mins saying they received it. Then today I received an email saying “Regional Examination Center “HONOLULU” has received your application and has forwarded it to the NMC for evaluation”. And this email contains important information concerning my medical certificate.
Seems like it’s moving along at a good pace. I’ve heard and read it can take a long time. Anybody send an app in this year and have feedback?

MMC Renewal, Received Feb 25th, Issued March 6th.

Medical renewal: Received March 28th, Issued Apr 1st. This one was snail mailed to Martinsburg.

Is the Medical Certificate evaluation the 1st step with the NMC?

@jdcavo is best suited to answer questions about the NMC and licensing. I was just talking about my turnaround time.

Copy that.

Yes the Medical review is first then everything else is evaluated / completed.
I received my 100 NC renewal in about two months, but I also emailed everything right at the start of the Govt. shut down…

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When it gets to NMC, it’s split. Meical certificates go to one part of NMC, and the MMC part to another. So you’ll get the MMC and medical certificates separately, medical is usually faster if you have no medical issues and you’ll probably get that one first. The first step on the “professional” or MMC part of the application is safety and suitability screening (criminal record review).

Just curious, what are the disqualifying standards for MMC criminal records review?

It seems like I see too many troublesome guys with criminal records. HR tells me that they cannot afford to be too fussy. On the other hand, we need to stop over publicizing and over using criminal records to prevent one-third of the population from ever becoming productive and self-supporting.


It’s case specific. There are no pure disqualifying offenses. However, if there is a criminal conviction (as conviction is defined in 46 CFR 10.107) there is heightened scrutiny during the “assessment period” noted in the table in 46 CFR 10.211. During this period, the applicant needs to provide the additional information in 46 CFR 10.211(j).

About a month and a half ago I Sent in for 3M NC to oceans unlimited and added some endorsements. From the day I emailed it to rec Miami and had it in hand was 11 business days. Never seen it go this fast in my 11 years holding an MMC. Very impressive.

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it all goes thru with some regularity, they have a set number of people doing that stuff back in virginia and they have a well established system. i’d say 2-3 weeks to get in one door and out the other generally covers it.

Not since 1861 has the territory you speak of been in Virginia.


always good to know someone has a grip on history!

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Emailed renewal and add stcw endorsement app to rec oakland mar 28th. Today (apr 15) got email that app is in PQEB.

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Right after the shutdown it took me about one week to turn around a medical cert. No changes or new diagnoses so it went smooth

Applying for Chief Limited this summer so we will see how that goes. Fed up with the “swamp” and want to work for someone else

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Update. As of today.

ORIGINAL RECEIVED/AWAITING SEC Your application was received by National Maritime Center on April 11, 2019 and is waiting to clear security vetting. 04/11/2019
MEDICAL CERTIFICATE ORIGINAL RECEIVED/AWAITING SEC Your application was received by National Maritime Center on April 11, 2019 and is waiting to clear security vetting. 04/11/2019

Just got an email that my renewal is approved for issuance. So about a month from submission to approval for a straight forward renewal. Haven’t seen it yet, so don’t know if all the endorsements are correct. We’ll see…

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Update 4/24/19. Application has not had an update since 4/11/19. Current status is RECEIVED/AWAITING SECURITY VETTING. I called and they said it’s waiting for an Evaluator.

Update 5/3/19. Current status is still Received/Awaiting Security.

I called the NMC and they sent a request in for an update. Said they are still dealing with the backlog from the government shutdown.

How long did that go on?