Excessive REC Processing Times

What’s with these ridiculous REC processing times?

Submitted a renewal application on 9/12 directly to Seattle REC.

Resubmitted application to IASKNMC email - at their recommendation - on 9/25.

Today they tell me there’s no record of the first email and I should receive a case number for the second by 10/18.

After that it’ll be 90 DAYS to receive the MMC assuming they don’t find a reason to delay the application.

Are you kidding me?

Over a month to receive an email and ninety days to issue a simple renewal?

I won’t even get my credential until mid January at best.

Bullshit. Incredibly frustrating bullshit.

I just got mine from start to finish in a month.

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That’s what I expected . . . how is it that one guy can complete the process in under 30 days and the next is told he’ll be lucky to have it in 120.

What is the difference here?

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Actually I should specify, my renewal took about 90 days. Sat at NMC for almost 2 months then a month to get evaluated and mailed.

I just applied for a raise of grade and that went through in 2 days after it got to NMC. However it took 3 weeks to go from REC to NMC

I guess we’re all in the same boat then.

Three to four months for renewals just seems so unreasonable and 3-4 weeks just to acknowledge an email?

Is there one blind employee reading these things in braille?

Took mine about a month from this summer. Sat at REC for a few weeks and then a few at NMC…maybe next time send to a different REC

What REC center did you use?

I recently renewed. 7 weeks from the day i sent my app in till the new MMC came in the mail. There was a multi-week box of time that my app was in limbo waiting for an evaluator.

I am fortunate that i live 15 minutes from a REC. I made an appointment and dropped off in person this go around, since my last upgrade a couple years ago some of my seatime got lost via email.

With all these horror stories about renewing and/or medical it definately gives some piece of mind to submit as early as possible.

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Heading into week four and haven’t even gotten an email with an application ID.

Nothing to do but wait I guess.

Baltimore, emailed everything.

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Damn, I guess I’m slightly relieved that I’m not the only one who hasn’t even gotten a response. This is absolute bullshit, they need to at least let people know that their application has been received.

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It took 2.5 weeks for REC Boston to acknowledge they got it

I just emailed my routine renewal to oakland REC last week. Got an email back the next day that they had forwarded to NMC. Sent the 719k direct to NMC and got the received email two days later

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Send everything to the Oakland REC in the future; got it.

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This is the response I got when I submitted my application to the IASKNMC email address on 9/25:

“Good Afternoon,

Your application has been received, and has been forwarded pending processing. Due to the current workload, it can take up to (10) days for an application to be entered into the system at the REC/NMC.

Once it has been entered, you will receive a confirmation email, which will contain your reference number and application ID to use for tracking purposes. The status typically updates online 24 hours after receiving that confirmation email.

Have a great day!”

Ten business days would be 10/6 . . . not 10/18 like I was told today.

And of course we’re into the fourth week for the application emailed to the Seattle REC on 9/12 but apparently that one has disappeared into the ether.

I used REC long beach. Dropped it off in person and it took a while to get an acknowledgment email. May have been close to two weeks? I don’t remember. I blamed it on 4th of july being in the same time period, but i found it odd that it still was quite a few days to get an email considering i turned it in, in person.

Way back when before i had that snafu where my seatime got lost thru email i’d use Memphis and Portland. I may have used Anchorage too at one time. Don’t remember.

When do you expire?

Just got a response from NMC that it can take up to 45 days for them to put your application into processing. :upside_down_face: what a fucking joke

The USCG NMC is a wonderful organization and a pillar of government efficiency staffed by kind, caring, educated, intelligent, and very hardworking staff. Don’t you dare to criticize them. (Sarcasm).


Seattle is a mess, highly recommend against it

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