1600 ton nc mate towing with pic/tankerman

Can anyone help me with the sea days/ requirments to renew my license? I am coming up on 5 years and need to renew/refresh.is there any refresher course out there that will make this easy? I have sea time but is on smaller vessels under 100tons. As for the tankerman/pic… I don’t have any loads/discharges in the last 5 years.

Only you can help yourself with this problem. It is something you should have thought about 3 or 4 years ago.

That’s helpful. I have another year left. I’m really looking for refresher courses, to keep up the advance firefighter/bridge resource management…etc

Pardon me for sounding a bit short but for Heaven’s sake, your license is your income, it is your livelihood. How could you wait until you are “coming up” on a renewal before taking time to understand what that license means and what you have to do to keep it current?

Call me an old grump but I really think the academies need to spend a bit more time teaching snowflake that continuing education is part of a professional career. License management is probably more important to a mariner these days than the latest stack of STCW “management” requirements when it comes to earning a living.

If worst comes to worst, if no one comes out of the woodwork to take you by the hand (and if you have a CG license) take the huge step of Googling “USCG license renewal” and do some reading. If that is too difficult, Google “license consultant” and pay someone else to read your future for you.

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You can renew a license without sea time, you will be mailed an open-book test to do at home.

For the tanker an endorsement, if you don’t have cargo transfers and time on tankers, you will have to take the full original course again.

If you have STCW endorsements, there are other requirements, go to the NMC web page and find the NVICs for everything you have, renewal requirements are in the NVICs.