3/M Renewal Question

Former veteran here who went to an Academy. So my 3/M license is expiring next year. I won’t have enough sea days as I mostly worked ROS due to my wife fighting cancer these last 3 years and I decided to be home most of the last 4 years. I think I’ll have 90 days of sea time from my first rotary job and 360 days of ROS. I know I have to take Basic Training. Anything else I need to renew my license? I can’t find anything in USCG website. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

You need to take the STCW renewal classes for BST and Advanced Firefighting, not the shorter revalidation classes but not the full length original classes.

Then there’s going to be a take home exam to renew the USCG portion.

Thank you! Someone mentioned radar and fast rescue but I haven’t seen it anywhere else

If you have fast rescue boat I’m not sure what it takes to renew that. I’m not sure about any requirement to renew radar observer if you haven’t been sailing.

In addition, you’ll also need a refresher course for Proficiency in Survival Craft and if you have it and want to renew it, a refresher for Fast Rescue Boats. As noted, make sure you take REFRESHER courses, you do not have enough sea time for revalidation courses and those won’t be accepted (you need one year of sea time in the past five to use revalidation courses). If you can’t find refresher courses to fit your schedule, you can take the full original course.

You’ll also need a radar observer recertification course since you do not have enough sea time to renew radar without a course.

If you have all of this, your application should be approved and you will be mailed an open book test (two modules) to do at home.

You may also need to renew your medical certificate.