STCW Class Renewals?


So I have a quick question. I am currently on my first license and it does not expire until 2022. My basic safety training cert is over 5 years old now. Do I need to renew it or wait until the year of the renewal of my license? I thought if my STCW on my MMC is in check, then that class would still hold true until it is time to renew?




As I recall, the USCG required renewal (or I presume issuance of a new license) before a certain date (maybe sometime a year or two ago) to get an automatic extension of the BT expiration date until the next renewal. I don’t remember the date.

Whether that is acceptable to all foreign port state control officials, I don’t know, but I doubt it. Maybe we are supposed to carry a copy of the USCG policy letter, but I don’t know.

Whether that is acceptable to all unions, recruiters, and employers, I don’t know that either. In my experience, most employers seem to be completely unaware of the issue.



It seems to be a confusing topic for some. Some say 5 years from the date completed, some say within the year before your renewal date. Because your MMC STCW will also expire then as well.



Who is some? Go to the NMC website and find the checklist for renewals. There will be one check list for National and one for STCW. Drill down to the specific question you have and read their requirements. It might even have a CFR reference off to the side for further clarification if needed. Report your findings back here to the forum…



“Some” are current sailing mariners. It says I need to renew my STCW that I will need 360 days for a revalidation course, which must be within 5 years of the renewal date.