STCW revalidation (1 day class) question

Anyone know if I can use my last certificate twice?

  • I renewed my credentials 4 years ago, (took revalidation class a few days before)
  • Every thing expires in 1 more year (total of 5 years)

I am wondering if I renew now if I could use my 4 year old revalidation certificate since its not 5 years old? Or does the revalidation certificate have a shelf life of 6 months/1 year?

Just trying to save money and precious off time.

Wondering the same. I renewed just my domestic because I couldn’t get the classes in due to COVID. Did the revalidation a year later and got all the STCW endorsements back. So when it’s time to renew a couple of years from now, those STCW certs will only be 3.5 years old.

Course completion certificates from Maritime Training Providers are valid for 1 year only from the date printed on the certificate.

Try it. It worked for me.

Who told you that? Yes, there are some certifcates that say that explicitly in the course approval or the 1 year requirement for original fire fighting, but to say that certificates from all providers are only valid for 1 year from the date printed on the certificate is incorrect. For STCW revalidation, it has to be done within the last 5 years, that’s it. At that point, the date on the certificate doesn’t mean much after USCG acceptance as what matters now is the new endorsemnet date in the MMC.

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That is definitely not true. See the STCW renewal checklist on the NMC site…it explicitly states that the course must be taken within the last 5 years.

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Awesome, I guess I should have searched harder, its pretty clear in the pdf link you posted. thx

I stand corrected, thanks for the clarification.

My experience has been generally that at the end of a course, the instructor says something like: “remember you’ve got one year from the date on that cert to submit it to the NMC”.

As for STCW reval/refreshers I’ve never looked closely at the checklists. I just knock out the required revals in the last year on my credential on an off rotation and submit them all at once.

If I understand this correctly, you can submit a reval/refresher certificate multiple times?! Meaning if I choose to renew my credentials a year early I could use all of my certificates from the previous renewal provided they were dated “within five years” of the new renewal application? Seems like that would save us a lot of time and a lot of money, and also seems like an obvious loop hole that wouldn’t be allowed.

No. Only courses that substitute of a Coast Guard exam are limited to one year. See para. 5.a.2 (page 2) of NVIIC 03-14.