STCW Basic Training - Revalidation course vs. Original

I’m looking for some clarification on whether I can take the Basic Training “Revalidation Class(s)” or whether I have to start from scratch with full fledged classes to renew my license.
Currently my license is in continuity but I have surpassed the 5 year mark with no sea time or training. I reached out to the NMC who said a Revalidation class would suffice but I want to make sure I conveyed the correct information to them using the “chat” function. I’m posing this question because I will be paying for the classes and don’t want to make a costly mistake.
I am referencing form MCP-FM-NMC5-241 titled STCW BASIC TRAINING - Original and Renewal
My engineering license technically expired in February of 22 but is in “continuity”

Thank You for your help.

The BST Refresher course is required for mariners renewing their license that do not have 1 year of sea time in the last 5 years.
Mariners that do have the required sea time should take the BST Revalidation course.

Thanks for pointing out the Revalidation terminology, I missed it when I was reading through the form. Being I’m outside of the 5 year window does the Refresher still apply? I think that’s the terminology I’m getting hung up on.

I believe the Refresher class is what you should be looking for.


Thank You for your help

Much appreciated!