Continuity and STCW

Continuing the discussion from Oicnw?:

This thread got me thinking about continuity, and raised a question I’ve had a while that I’m hoping someone can clear up for me.

Now I know that STCW doesn’t get covered by continuity… but when you pull your license out of continuity, do you just have to take the revalidation classes to bring your STCW back to validity?

Like for example if a Master Unlimited (oceans) put theirs in continuity, say six years ago, and wanted to pull it out and go back to sailing, would they just need the BST and AFF revalidation/renewal (I always get these two mixed up, but the longer courses) to get their STCW up to date?

You will need BST refresher classes, not revalidation.

You will need to do whatever is required to renew STCW at the time you apply to restore validity (come out of continuity) plus any new requirements that might have been implemented after you went to continuity.

Maybe not. If you come out of continuity in less than five years, and have one year of service in the past five, you can still take revalidation courses.

You are of course correct. I should have noted the difference between refresher and revalidation.

Refresher… that’s what I was trying to come up with and it wasn’t working. Thank you.

Thanks also to @jdcavo I was thinking that was the case, but all you ever hear is “you’ll have to redo your STCW if you put it in continuity” with no explanation. Thanks to both of you guys for answering!!

Since 2010, you need to take the Revalidation course if you have sailed 1 year in the last 5.
Refresher if you have not sailed within the last 5. If you don’t keep taking at least the refresher every 5, then you need to take the full class.