I have a current STCW and am currently serving as Master on an inspected 1200 ton RO/RO vessel on inside waters.

To renew my STCW I have been told that I will have to do BST again. This I have been told this is because the vessel does not require STCW, so the timeserved will not count towards a countinuance of the BST.

Is this correct that I will need to retake BST inorder to renew my STCW w/ OCNW, RFPNW, PSC, RFPERW?

You’ll have to do BST because you don’t spend time outside the boundary line. Apparently, there is something different about the water on that side of the line compared to the water on your side of the line. Go figure. But that’s the way it goes.

CA, don’t leave us hanging …certainly you must have the answer? even a rumor?:smiley:

Ardie, it’s true and some (very few) schools offer a BST refresher school that’s only 3 days long and cost a hair less, I think you can avail of this as you already took the 5 day BST before; check 'em out on the USCG Approved Schools list. And check that I’m correct too.

There must be something, as crew working on our other boats that work the other side of “the line”, with the same safety equipment, drill and training routines do not need to retake BST. Go figure, oh well.