Mr.cavo I have a question on bst

[B][I]Sir,I have a 100 ton n/c master lic.and a a/b unl.ticket,Had the 100 ton since 06,I renewed my a/b and stcw when I applied for my 06.After recieving my credentials I started out working AB/training capt.on a vessel over 200 tons until I could be placed on a 100 ton vessel,my question is how much sea time is require to keep my stcw without losing it,I had planned to upgrade but had a few setbacks,I know if I had to,I could do the refresher course,but hopefully dont have to,due to the cost.thank you for any input.[/I][/B]

You need one year of near coastal or oceans time in the past 5, or need to take a BST refresher course (or re-take the originals if you can’t find or it’s not covenient to take a refresher).

[B][I]Thank you for your fast reply,I assume that this is 360 8hr days over 200 gross tonnage?[/I][/B]