3rd Mate Unlimitted / 1600GT


First. I appologize for what is probably a repeat topic but I don’t have time to search through the forum.

Please help.

I am a 3rd Mate Unlimited license holder returnng to the industry. I need to find solid information regarding getting to 1600 Ton Master. I’m told I need to acquire seatme on a 1600ton vessel in order to sit for the 1600T Master. This is true, yes?

Parden the ignorance but what vessels are typically 1600T or more, disregarding Blue Water Tankers, Containers etc. that are obvious.

Thanks for any insight.


See 46 CFR 11.412(a)(2) and (b).

You need one year of time as Mate on vessels over 100 GRT.

You may need a corresponding STCW endorsement to work as Master. See NVIC 11-14. You can work on getting the assessments while you get the sea time, but you’ll still need courses.

I have assumed you already have an STCW endorsement for Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch that was issued after 1997. If you don’t, it’s going to be even more difficult, and you may find your ability to work as a 3rd Mate or Mate very limited. You may also need some courses to renew your OICNW endorsement.


Just curious - why do you think you need a 1600 ton master? What do you plan on doing with it if you were able to get one?