Keeping my hand in the game

Greetings. I was hoping one of you ladies or gents might be so kind as to tell me whether I need to keep sending sea-time letters in to the USCG every year or so to keep my AB cert and 100-Ton license valid. I assume that the expiry date for both–even though I got them at different times–is just what it says on my MMC, and that I just need to prove that I haven’t been hugging trees for the last 5 years in order to have everything updated. N’est-ce pas?

You need to prove sea time when you renew your MMC, not before. Save your sea-time letters and do not part with the originals.

You dont need sea time to renew. If you don’t have one year of sea time in the last 5 years you need to do at home open book tests.

Or, you can go to “continuity” and do the tests when and if you want to renew later.

Do one or the other. Don’t let your stuff expire by more than a year.

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Many thanks!

i put all my stuff in continuity … it’s in their hands till i want to do something.

JD, what is your synopsis on how continuity works for STCW. I believe continuity is only for Donestic endorsements, correct? When finally renewing STCW after coming out of continuity, one would obviously need to make sure training is current for firefighting, radar, basic training and other courses that require renewal every 5 years. What about the other courses (possibly even grandfathered). And what about assessments? Do these need to be redone?

STCW endorsements cannot be placed in continuity, see 46 CFR 10.227(g)(4).

For STCW, if your associated national endorsements did not expire for more than a year, you would need to meet whatever renewal requirements are in effect at the time, plus any one-time requirements that were implemented since you last renewed the STCW. For example, if you held Chief Engineer 3,000 kW/4,000 HP or More and put your national endorsements in continuity in 2015, to restore STCW now you’d need to bring the national endorsements out of continuity and for STCW meet the current renewal requirements for Basic Training, Advanced Firefighting, and Proficiency in Survival Craft, and the one-time requirements that went into full effect in 2017 for Leadership and Managerial Skills, Engineroom Resource Management, and Management of Electronic and Electrical Control Equipment. See 46 CFR 10.227(g)(6).

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