License Continuity

Hello All Im just curious if anyone has any info and details about placing your license in continuity. Thanks

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46 CFR 10.227 (g)

Hi! Check out the national renewal checklist on the NMC website. The continuity section is on page two. Also, you can only put a national license in continuity, no provision exists for the STCW.

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What happens to the STCW endorsement when one re-activates the license (removes from continuity)?

Unfortunately, nothing. You’re STCW will expire if you do not renew it and take the required courses.
Continuity does not cover STCW endorsements

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I called NMC to do this and sent my license, twic, health certs to them… they mailed them back and said send it to a rec. I did that and the rec said i needed to fill out forms such and such which i did and sent it all back to them, then they sent it back and said i forgot to fill out one line… i did that and mailed it back to them, then::: i’d love to tell you i had to do it a couple more times but that took care of it. ha ha

oh yea, you gotta do stcw krap all over again too if it’s expired… except for that you just pick up where you left off with sea time etc.

Thank you


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What will expire? The OICNW will go away? I understand that the safety and other classes that must be taken every 5 years will have to all be done, but does the OICNW go POOF goodbye and all the assessments, training classes (cel nav, ship handling, meteorology, etc) need to be retaken?

I believe it logical all the stuff that has a expiration date gets renewed, no master or cme would have to RESTEST’’ BUT ANYTHING WITH A EXPIRATION DATE ON IT WOULD HAVE TO BE FIXED… LIKE… RADAR?? OR … MSC. ENDORSEMENTS

Do you send in your book or a copy?

I believe that would be the same as a CME having to take all the qualifying exams over again… that’ doesn’t happen but I’m not familiar with that oicnw stuff, at least by that name.

When I sent mine in a couple of years ago, it was no big deal. I did get a chuckle when I opened the package they sent back and found a Document of Continuity that they said was “Suitable for Framing”.

Really? Got a source for any of that? You seem certain. That’s interesting, as I am not sure of the answer. I’m out of the office until next week so I can’t confirm the answer until then.

I’ve always wondered what’s the benefit of this, over just renewing every 5 years even if you don’t have recency.

Keeping the license despite the inability to pass the physical.

Exactly and thats the issue , I had an injury and won’t be fit by the time the license expired .


There might be another option. The Coast Guard does not require a physical for your license anymore. The physical is required for your separate Medical Certificate. And you must have a Medical Certificate to get your license. But if your current certificate is still valid, you can renew your license without another physical. This means that your old certificate will expire before your new MMC, so you won’t be able to sail after that happens. But I believe this should keep your license active without having to apply for continuity.