Can I suspend my license?

I’ve let my Masters license run out the 5 year life, I’v held it since 1987 and I was told I could put it in “suspension” so if I ever wanted to re-up I could do so without re-testing. I cannot find this on any publication. Any one know?

What your looking for is called “continuity.” You’ll loose your STCW and you’ll have to retest for the endorsements you held when you go to reinstate the credential.

Thanks for that thread, I was searching with the wrong term.

Dumb question here. Do you have to retake STCW classes for non-expiring endorsements like Medical PIC, etc when you bring it out of continuity?

That’s not really accurate. It’s an open book test you do at home, it’s not the complete original exam at an REC. It’s the same test you get when you renew without recent sea service.

From someone whe let a hard earned Master 500 Oceans/Mate 1600 (3000) expire…

Do whatever you can to keep your license up to date. It is a tremendous time and financial burden to reinstate anything other than an entry level license.

I got my 100 back, and probably 200 by the end of the year, but with the time and costs involved, at age 56, to get back to my prior level, it probably isn’t going to happen.

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