Sea Service

Have worked in the cruise line industry for years. COVID has limited my underway time. 2 years remain on my credential. (2nd unlimited) Looking for some guidance and constructive feedback to see what I need to do for renewal should I be unable to obtain 360 days. I see there’s an exam option. Also, sailed on smaller vessels in SE Alaska last year. Not 1600 GT, has anyone has a tonnage limitation before? Bottom line, I’d like to get my C/M unlimited instead of just renewing. I’d Appreciate your thoughts

Tonnage does not matter for renewal. You can submit time from any vessel to renew.

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If you don’t have one year of sea time in the previous five years:

National - For the license, an open-book, at home test that will be mailed to you, see 46 CFR 10.227(e)(1)(ii). For radar observer, you will need a refresher or recertification course. There may be other requirements for other national endorsements, e.g. tankerman.

STCW - REFRESHER (not revalidation) courses for Advanced Fire Fighting, Basic Training, and Proficiency in Survival Craft, Also, Fast Rescue Boats if you have that and want to renew it. Yo do not have to renew STCW to renew your national endorsements, but you will be very limited in where you can use the national endorsements without STCW.

For upgrading the national endorsement (license), at least 30 days of the total required service must have been in the past 3 years. This service must be on vessels of “appropriate tonnage,” for Chief Mate Unlimited that would be over 1,600 GRT. See 46 CFR 11.201(c)(1)(i). Also, if you want the corresponding STCW, there are courses and assessments, see NVIC 10-14.

You only need 180 days on your 2nd mate on unlimited tonnage to upgrade to chief mate. Why don’t you give us actual sea time numbers?