Unlimited Sea time Questions

So I recently got a letter from the coast guard outlining what I needed for an upgrade to 2m unlimited/ 1600 ton master. basically I need 135 more days on an unlimited vessel as some of my time doesn’t count because of “recency”. I called the NMC and talked to some operators but they seemed to be confused with my situation. I have more than enough time for the 1600 ton master but I need 135 more days of unlimited time for the upgrade. I asked what would be my Tonnage Restriction on the 2m? they were not sure…I asked if I would be taking a similar test to the Academy Grads and when I get the seatime I can then upgrade when I turn it it… They were not sure again…

Guys…I would assume I can take that exam, correct?

I then asked in what capacity would I have to sail to get seatime towards the 2m…They said I would have to sail as OICNW but is it possible to sail as an observer? What do you guys make of this?

What do you sail as now? What “credential” do you hold and when did you test for it?

[QUOTE=Jeffrox;48135]What do you sail as now? What “credential” do you hold and when did you test for it?[/QUOTE]

I sail as mate on a 1600 ton vessel in GOM. I am an 2001 academy grad and have a unlimited 3rd mate oceans

You may see some help at this link (and others): http://gcaptain.com/forum/maritime-training-licensing/3895-question-upgrading-3rd-2nd-mate-1600-ton-master.html

I guess you’ll be taking the old scheme 2nd Mates exam?? It’s nothing like the old scheme 3rd Mates test that I assume you took in 2001,The lone 2nd Mates test is much shorter (3 tests plus Flashing light as I recall), easier actually with some added celestial subjects as I recall; the 1600 master test is 70 questions, study small craft handeling and docking/undocking and everything about ice and you would score very well on the 1600 master exam I took. You mentioned a “recency” issue, I guess that is something about 90 days within the last 3 years?? You can only fix that by going to sea, (been there, did that)

A direct link the the CFR referenced in the other thread, 46 CFR 11.402 Tonnage requirements for ocean or near coastal endorsements for vessels of over 1600 gross tons

I don’t know how the recency factors into the equation but I can tell you how the tonnage restriction worked in my particular instance. I’m a hawsepiper that has worked almost exclusively on tugs, I have about 60 days on a vessel over 10,000 GRT from many years ago (in excess of 5 years). The tug I worked on for a number of years was one of the few in our fleet that was over 200 GRT, meeting the minimum requirements. When I applied for my license I applied for a Third Mate as well as my 1600 Ton. Applying the CFR’s my license was issued as a Third Mate restricted to 2,000 GRT. Calculated out the restriction on my license would have been 1,000 GRT and that’s what the evaluator originally told me it would be. After the final review the restriction was 2,000. It is in a multiple of 1,000 but it didn’t make sense to issue it with a limitation of 1,000 when the lower level license was issued at 1,600.

Recency of an original or upgrade is different than a renewal. For originals and upgrade, it has to be qualifying sea service, it must meet the criteria for tonnage, capacity, and route specified in the regulation giving the service requirements for that endorsement. For renewal, only sea service is required so the capacity, tonnage, etc. are not critical.

After many phone calls and emails, I have asked to be approved to Take the exam. I was informed I will have a tonnage limit on the 2nd mate endorsement (3000grt). Somehow, someway, I will get the unlimited Sea time to get rid of the restriction… Hopefully the approval letter comes soon. Whats everyones fav way of studying? Lapware? Murph books? I am not to sure about Lapware because I am in and out of range on my vessel.