Downeast Maritime Insight

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Downeast Maritime in Freedom, ME? I want to take a study prep course for a 1600 ton Mate NC and wanted to know if this is a fly by night school, or if it holds a good reputation? Geographically this school is the right call. Other wise I may go to one of the more well known schools. Any thoughts or insight would be great. Thanks

I know the founder/owner. Very smart guy, knows the licensing procedures and uscg testing very well. They have a loose association with maine maritime academy so a lot if their classes are in castine. I highly doubt you will regret going with them, especially if you have shawn as an instructor.

Last time I renewed my radar (8 hr class) I used Downeast Maritime. I would recommend them for radar renewal. Beyond that it I don’t know but it seemed legit to me.


Thank you both for the information. I will dig a little more and try to find out some more details about the school. Thanks again.


A lot of the classes offered by maine maritime academy’s “continuing education” department are taught by downeast and there is a link to downeast’s website on MMA’s webpage.

i took the two week celestial course from them a year ago. it was a great experience and shawn-and glen- went above and beyond helping me with the material. the class size was small so it was highly personalized. shawn has developed his own texts that work well with most solutions worked out step by step so you can figure out where you went wrong. even six months after the course he took the time to help me with questions and issues with my application. if you have questions, give him a call, if he’s not busy with students he’ll take the time to clearly answer any questions… if he is busy you’ll get a call back as soon as he’s able. in my experience with schools on the east and west coasts (Maine maritime, Crawford nautical, compass courses, and downeast) compass courses and downeast maritime are the best.

…and his advanced navy (t-nav) text was key in prepping for that module on the 1600 nc master exam.