Upgrading to Cheif Mate AGT soon

. . . and I’m wondering if any of you have any insight on where to go to school. I am looking at the program at MPT in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 9 classes spanning 12 weeks at a cost of 15k for tuition.

Where did you go? Did you find any surprises when you tested at the USCG? Did you refresh your celestial?

BTW, I’m a Dec. 2007 MTO MMA alumni.


That area is great for taking the classes. I will list the preference for school curriculum and instruction from best to worst:
Star Center
Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy

Best locations:
Star center
Mid Atlantic

If you have your heart on MPT, you might as well do it. One place is as good as the other really. All the classes I took were all professionally done. I took some from all locations just out of necessity and available dates. I did refresh the Celestial at Star Center. It is one week and includes all celestial sign off sheets. I would say it was worth it. When I took the Chief Mate test it was pretty easy. I had probably over studied for it, but maybe the preparation made it easier. I was expecting more. When I studied I used Lapware, murphy books and Captain Joe’s. I hear good things about MITAGS license prep course. Something like a 98% pass rate, They study there on location for 3-4 weeks and then Coast Guard administers the test there on campus. The hardest part is just getting the motivation to start the process. Once you get the ball rolling you will be done before you know it. Good Luck.

Awesome information. That is everything I needed to know! I love my Murphy books but can not really handle the Lapware, don’t know if its my eyes or roaming mouse, but I am a books and pages kinda girl.

I have not made any arrangements at MPT, but there is a captain on my OSV who lives next to the campus and can’t shut up about it. I think I will check out MITAGS and the others. I have the motivation and in 3 months, the sea time. Scheduling is my hurdle.

Oh, I lied, one more question for yah; did you have to test again for your celestial? You say the class included all sing off sheets, is that the extent of it? (I do need a refresher, the oil field is not renowned for their non electronic navigation. . . unless you count platform recognition. )

Thanks again!

Mid-Atlantic is most likely to help you when it comes to scheduling courses that fit your schedule and have some of the top wizes in the States when it comes to ECDIS and Navigation. You should defiantly check them out.