Looking for some advice from any of you that have attended classes at MITAGS. I am starting my CH Mate courses in about a month, and although my company is paying the bill for the cost of the school, I am responsible for my own travel, room & board. I know that the school offers room & board, but I am trying to find a more cost effective way. Any suggestions appreciated.

It will be hard to find a cost effective alternative because a rental car will off-set any savings. I just finished school and passed the CM test after several classes at Mitags. I had the same deal with my company. I had to spread the classes out over 15 months to cover my own room and transportation…

I split my classes between Star-Center and MITAGs. If I could do it over again, I would move to MD for a year to get it over with faster, reduce stress and time away from the family. MITAGs isn’t very kid friendly.

I know there is at least one motel within walking distance of MITAGS. I don’t know what brand it is. Maybe there are some apartment buildings nearby too which offer month-by-month rentals. The rooms at MITAGS are pretty basic. My main bitch is with the HVAC. Some of the rooms really suck in that department. If you’re going to be staying there, insist on a room with the new HVAC system. They’re slowly converting all the rooms but the old ones are still around.<br><br>If you get hungry late at night there is a night lunch on the 5th floor of the South Tower. Perfect for those night study sessions.

I appreciate the input from everyone, it looks like I will just use the schools hotel unless something else comes up. <br><br>Anchorman: congrats on passing the tests, we work for the same company so I know that you are familiar with the situation I am in with regards to out of pocket expenses.

aargh,<br> Well, If you know Joe A. on the Gould (icebreaker)…he has a house 5 minutes from the school. I stayed there and rented a car. <br>Mitags is a good school, but you can save money by taking some classes at other schools. Ship Management is 2 weeks at Mitags, but 1 week everywhere else. Shiphandling is 2 weeks everywhere, but 1 week class in the model ships in Maine or Mass (i forgot which).<br><br>If I was you, I would try to shave off weeks of training by shopping at several schools. Even if the school cost is more, you get that back eventually. So looking for the cheapest school is inconsequential…because you get that back. But, you never get back time, and the money lost or spent outside of th CAP program.<br><br>Just my suggestion looking back.

Hey anchorman,<br><br>what is MITAGS? I think it’s a school but I’m not sure. I just started on a osv and its got DP! I’m interested in getting into a school that can teach me all I need to know. I’ve got every intention on going to the top. I subscribe to a magazine called “workboat” and I wanna say that I saw something like MITAGS in there, but I don’t have it with me. Are ya’ll talking about schools for DP or 500t master (big license). I’m working in the gom on a new technically advanced osv with alot of electronics I don’t understand (but I’m learning). I’ve kinda been thrown to the wolves! I’ve been able to get outa some close calls but I’m getting better. I’d like to find a “one stop shop” school that can get me up to speed. Any and all suggestions are welcomed.<br><br>thanks, minnisupplyman