PMI & MITAGS Mate 500/1600

As a Coast Guardsman looking at either school, anyone have some input on the program these institutions have to offer? Maybe a better program elsewhere?

My little brother did PMI and worked out good for him, 2years and he was out and done.

Are you talking about the “AB to Mate” or just “Mate” program. In any case the programs are supposed to be the same as the schools are linked. Another school to check is Quality Maritime

MITAGS has a few former Coasties in the administration, not sure about PMI. One is a retired BM/QM “A” school instructor and pretty conversant on prior sea service , the regulations and VA benefits.

Thanks Senior. I plan to hold my course on Title 10 orders in the CG until the industry picks up, and let’s pray it does. Maybe in the next 2 years the economy will pick up and the towing and OSV company’s start sailing more, maybe then I’ll put in for a position at either PMI or MITAGS.