MITAGS Workboat Mate Program

Need some professional opinions. I am considering enrolling in the workboat mate program in Baltimore this fall. 2 year program after which I test for mate 500/1600 oceans. I have toured the facitly, met with the program directors, both top notch in my opinion. Only real negative is I live on the gulf coast, wish there was a school like it closer. Has anyone been through this program or know someone that has? How does it compare to maritime academies? Thanks

The MITAGS program is substantially the saame as the one at Pacific Maritime Institute. You’ll probably get more response if you broaden your query to include the PMI program. There’s been a lot of discussion on that program here.

I’ve never been through either of those programs but I know several people who finished the MITAGS program. My impression was that it was a good career focused education. It’s a big time and money commitment but your skills are tailored for the tug industry which makes you attractive to a lot of companies. Doesn’t replace the need for sea going, knuckle busting experience but seems to provide a solid foundation. Keep in mind you will likely still start on deck for a while but you’ll be a good candidate for promotion when a spot opens. You may want to call around to some work boat companies to find out if that kind of training is something they look for. You may even find a company to either employ or sponsor you during the schooling if you can cut a deal with them. The Maritime Academies are 4 years of academic work and award an unlimited license. Good career path but they train mainly in the management and operation of big tonnage ships. If tugs and work boats are your goal you may be better off with the MITAGS or PMI. Although I understand Maine Maritime Academy also has a 2 year workboat program. Just my thoughts. Get someone to pay for it if you can or at least give you some work while your training.

If you do it you better hope there are jobs available in 2 years. I have been looking hard for a mates spot and there is little to nothing out there. How can you get experience if no one will help you get experience???