Workboat Mate Program

Hi, just ran across this on I have seen some references to PMI in posts and I guess now it makes sense. I emailed MITAGS seeing that they have openings for this October.

Has anyone been through this program/have information about it?

Thanks for the responses I am very interested,

Hi Kevin-


PMI has a great program. Run a search on here- several good threads. In addition- PM danzante and dougpine. They work there and can answer any questions:)


Thanks for the info, I messaged Doug Pine yesterday evening as well as I was also searching the forums and saw you are also waiting to get into the program at PMI, have you been through the program yet?

Hi Kevin-

nope- haven’t been through yet. I had an opportunity to go to Mitags- their sister school on the East Coast- but had my heart set on Seattle.

Every time I’ve had money for tuition- haven’t been able to get in/find a sponsor company. I’d love to go now- but am buying a property - and don’t have cash.

I guess life has other plans for me?:slight_smile:

I’ve known several students, several instructors- and have nothing but positive things to say about the school. Nice facility too. If you visit- go on donut day:D

If you attend and need a free place to stay while on land- look here-

you work 3.5 hours- for a free place to stay.

It’s not too far from PMI via bus- near the Space Needle-etc…

There is also the Green Tortoise Hostel, one in China Town, one up on the hill- all clean/cheap places to stay.

Hope you get in.

Have a blessed day-Anthony

Had a great talk with Mr. Tufts. Unfortunately with the economy it just does not make sense. I guess I will either try from now til’ graduation to get an OS job with a company or end up going to an academy…somehow maybe. Which I would not complain at all, I live in TX applied to TAMUG and SUNY. Got in to SUNY would like to go there, but I think whether TAMUG or SUNY neither will be realistic as far as cost. It’s unfortunate to live in these times.
I am hopeful these coming months will be more revealing.



Talk with Anthony here on the board; he was just accepted into their program…:wink:


what do you mean- :Unfortunately with the economy it just does not make sense"? I would think- that with the economy- now makes the most sense:)

Feel free to email me about the program anthonymmurphy at yahoo dot com


Sending you an email now, thanks.