Has anybody here seen this yet from PMI Workboat Academy?


September 21, 2012

Dear Industry,

The Workboat Academy is seeking referrals from Industry for the 500/1600 GRT Mate Program. We are looking for passionate mature individuals (US Citizens only) who are looking for a career at sea. This innovative program, reduces the sea-time requirements from three years to one year.

We currently have paid apprenticeships available on Tugboats, Offshore Supply Vessels, Research Vessels and Government Vessels on the East, West and Gulf Coasts.

Since the inception of the Workboat Academy in 2006, the curriculum has grown stronger with guidance from our 30+ Partner Companies. The hybrid vocational 2 year program with alternating sea phases and academic phases has a strong retention rate and is respected nationwide.

The apprentice receives onboard training during his/her 360 days at sea. The academic phases consist of 26 weeks in the classroom with additional time in the full mission simulator.

Upon successful completion of the program and the USCG exam, the cadet will hold a Mate 500 GRT Oceans/1600 Near Coastal, an Able Seafarer - Limited endorsement and a mate of towing endorsement (if sailing with a Towboat Company). Apprentices that sail on OSV’s will receive an AB OSV Endorsement after the first year and a Mate 1600 GRT Oceans License upon graduation.

Please refer qualified applicants to the Workboat Academy website at www.workboatacademy.com, or our e-mail address at info@workboatacademy.com

The Workboat Academy is the proud recipient of the Department of Labor’s award for ‘Registered Apprenticeship Innovator and Trailblazer’

I wonder if I can sign up?

My brother is signed up to start there at the end of October in New Orleans.

Is this avalible in new York? Where does it take place if you already have a job?

Seattle, Baltimore, or New Orleans

Where is the engineer apprenticeship program? Dammit this reeks of discrimination. You can’t swing a dead cat with out hitting a captain or a mate these days.

Does anyone know how much you are paid during the appretinceship portion? I am applying for the spring enrollment but am wondering how I am going to pay the $4500 or whatever it is for the 7 payments. Thanks!

The schooling is not cheap — a little over $32,000 for the 2 yr program.

First full class, so this is dated - I got cadet wages at first. About six months in Crowley bumped us to OS wages - which really helped!

[QUOTE=panamacolin;89615]The schooling is not cheap — a little over $32,000 for the 2 yr program.[/QUOTE]

Still cheaper than State Maritime Academys @ $20-24k/yr.

I worked the full first year and made about $30/day, for the second year I’ve got bumped up to OS wages and it has more than made the program affordable. If you can come up with the initial payment, you should make enough in the long run to pay for the program. I’m lucky though, because the GI Bill has paid for the entirety of the classes.

Almost all of the companies are paying OS wages as of now.

Good luck!

I was in the first full group and sailed with Crowley. They initially paid us 90/day but soon bumped it to OS wages. It was as a super program and I feel well worth the expense.

It all depends on your sponsor company. You could get paid $30 a day or you could get $150 a day as an OS. If you are able to upgrade to AB while you are in the program then you could get as much as $300 a day.