Preparing for Chief Limited Oceans Exam

Im still a fair amount of time off from being able to sit, but starting in early. Ive hammered the material, using the practice tests and have a good understanding of the material, but just wondered if any of you chiefs have suggestions ? I murdered my DDE exams, which isnt saying alot but for my first license it was a great feeling. Anyone here been to Mid-Atlantic for their Chief Limited course, they claim a 100% pass rate, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would attempt to take the test with the study material you had for the DDE first. Although the electrical has become a little harder. That Mamatrains course is alot of $$$$. I took the C/E LTD Oceans in August using the Mass Maritime books and breezed through everything except Electricity, which I eeked by on.

All of my QMED’s and assistants recently studying for upgrades have used the Mass material with great results.

I appreciate the help, ive been using the "marine education textbooks ", and they are somewhat ok. The flash drives from mariner advancement are great for hammering the practice tests. 90% of the guys here stop @ 4K DDE. Mid-Atlantic seemed ok, the one instructor turned me off a little, when I inquired about what the class involved, and he assumed that because I had a camo Federal Pilots hat on, and that I was a hawsepiper, that I had never seen basic electricity before. Lol. Didnt go over to well.

I too am preparing for the Chief Limited Oceans exam. I was approved to test everal years ago, then the Gulf spill happened and things just got a little crazy for scheduling. I let my test period lapse, so I am having to reapply. I am considering the MPT test prep course, just to insure I can pass it with no issues and just get it done! Yes with tuition being basically $2000.00 and an apartment for the month being $1300.00 it is a good bit of money, but I have no problem investing in my career if I get a return. I do not want to steal this thread and I know another test prep school was mentioned with less than favorable opinions it seems. I am just wondering what are some opinions on the MPT course, or is there any others someone could recommend any other hands on courses. I am more concerned with the electronics than anything else.

I used houston marines study books and material. It did not cover the new electrical. I studied at home no school. Electrical kicked my butt. I paid attention to what they asked then went home and bought some books from amazon that covered what Houston didnt. Passed on my second try a month later. I see no need to attend mid Atlantic and spent that kind of money. Get the books and disks. Still tooke 3 months from when I started til I had it. It does help that I’ve been doing this a while. Books jogged a lot of my memory

I just finished the tests for 1st a/e. I used and they have all the new electrical questions, however they do not have the diagrams. I would recommend just studying all of the non-diagram questions so you can get all the easy points. The new logic question also seem similar to the old ones so if you understand the concepts then you should be fine. The new drawings I saw were:

  1. A more simplistic motor controller diagram which I liked

  2. A wiring diagram of three different types of DC motors

  3. A diagram of two computer networks. One is a circle (ring bus) and one is a star… Easy question.

I actually found the general section to be very hard. A lot of questions can be found in the CFRs so learn how to find them and you’ll be good for at least 8 questions.

Overall I found that most of the questions were either extremely easy or ridiculously obscure.

I Too studied at home and could not get through due to electrical. Will try a second time. i think I should get through this time…

Pick up a set of Marine Engineering Workbook. I used these to test for my unlimited 3rds all the way to unlimited Chiefs. Worked very well. Paying to take a prep course is waste of money IMO.

If you’re going for chief limited test for third also. If you’ve studied for one you already have the knowledge for the other. I used this material all the way to C/E Unlimited I used this material all the way to C/E Unlimited