How are the engineering programs @ mid-atlantic?

Just wondering if anyone out there has taken the DDE classes @ mid-atlantic, looking into it and making sure Im headed to the right school. Any info on the place would be helpful, thanks…

Hey bud the dde course is a month long I know its taught by Bill M he is a retired navy commander. I hear the pass rate is like 100 percent at the uscg testing center after taking the dde course at mid atl. Im taking the course in feb.

Thanks for the info, and if you wouldnt mind letting me know how the class goes, and what I should expect, this is my first license and mid-atlantic seems like they have alot of good programs.

The staff at Mid Atlantic went way out of their way to help me complete all of my stcw courses, and work my way through the NMC bureaucracy. You won’t be disappointed with any class you take there.

Just got my DDE unlimited Steam/Motor and 2nd Engineer Stm/Motor Unlimited thanks to Bill Muth and the Engineering staff. The course is dead on for all the tests i had to take. Great prep and study material.

Mike Waranis

Thanks guys for all the info on MAMAs engineering classes, just waiting for a few more hitches and Im on my way down there. Anyone recommend a good place to stay while down there for 28 days ?

The closest hotels are on Northampton blvd. Never stayed there but they looked safe yet slightly craptastic. I don’t know about the price, but they might do the job for your stay. Any hotel in the Virginia beach area should be adequate enough. Check Craigslist, there’s sometimes some short-term furnished rooms available for cheap, ie 500/month up front. I actually stayed in one house for a month while waiting on my transfer.

Call Fred at MAMA and he can point you to the better hotels. We had a student in my DDE class that stayed at a place and did not feel safe but had a tight budget. They helped him find a safe place in his range. Call them they have a list and can give you some good gouge on the places.