Going to Visit Maine Maritime Soon

Hi all,
I’m going to visiting MMA for 2 days in a couple weeks. I’ll spend 2 nights (Thurs and Fri) then leave after the big open house on Saturday. My main objective in this post is to ask you guys [B]what should I be looking for on the campus?[/B] Since the academies are so different than other colleges it’s hard to compare. I appreciate any and all responses.

I went to maine so this is somewhat gauged that way. I am happy after recently graduating and having a good job now. They just installed a brand new simulator which is really nice and dp ready. They seem to always be on the forefront of change. Their tug and barge class is one of a kind and I don’t believe any other schools have their own tug barge unit. Barge donation by Ksea trans a few years ago. If you are an engineer they are about to begin building a new engineering simulator building funded by biw. Any questions pm me…hope this was helpful.

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RGF = Raw Gut Feeling. You wont know what it is until you are back in your car headed home. Ask if you could see yourself there for 4 years. Did you get good vibe from the grounds, staff & instructors? Could you see the cadets you met as your friends. Is the place a good “fit” for you?

Everything else is secondary.

Oh btw - Maine has the best reputation for marine engineering going.

Thanks guys. I agree that gut feelings are what matter as well. Crudeman: when talking to the director of admissions on the phone he said that they have a lot of exclusive elements to their curriculum (barge and something about tankers too.) I am actually looking more towards the deck side because that’s what I think would be more “fun.” Not sure if I’m right or not but i’ll see. I can’t see myself in an engine room when right now my mechanical knowledge does not go above changing a starter in a car. Any other tips?

You don’t have to be a master mechanic to go engine. Besides, many engine grads never ship anyway. Huge demand for engineers shoreside. If math is easy for you, you might consider it.

Agreed - Deck would be more interesting if you DO ship.

Pick a school first, you have some time before you need to settle on a major.

Disagree. Staring out a window for hours on end does not seem more interesting than what’s going on down below

What careers are marine engineering grads getting shoreside? For me the only issue with Deck is that it is uncertain what you can do after you want to get a job ashore.

The deck guys have opportunities ashore as port captains, operations managers, cargo sales reps, and others including higher level executives at a shipping company.

Engineers have port engineer, abs inspector, shipyard superintendent, and others I’m not aware of because I’m not an engineer so I don’t pay attention to who all is hiring them.

[QUOTE=brjones;65798]Disagree. Staring out a window for hours on end does not seem more interesting than what’s going on down below[/QUOTE]

To each their own.

Go to Maine Maritime Academy. Meet the folks in the small town of Castine. Find out who they are, what they do, what they think. That is part of your education.

I’ve been impressed with the few folks I’ve met that went to Maine Maritime, but do you really think responding to threads 2, 6, and 8 years old is the way to promote the school?

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