Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy is great

In 8 months time with their assistance and courses i completed and have received my Licenses for 200T Master 2nd Engineer Unlimited HP Motor/Steam and DDE Unlimited Motor/Steam along with other assorted minor endorsements. The staff there is great from Marshall Adams and Bill Muth Deck and Engineering instructors respectively (among many) all instructor go out of their way to ensure their students success. To the Front office and administrative staff who I saw on many occasions to go out of their way to accommodate student with their various issues. The training material they provide for their courses is top notch. I would recommend this school house for any of your training needs.

I have taken several classes there as well and was always pleased with the school. They worked with me around my boat schedule to get the classes I needed. I would recommend them to anyone.

Ive had Marshal Adams for most of my classes, The guy is a class act!

Everyone there does a great job, everyone.

I just passed my DDE unlimited horsepower motor/steam tests. My MMC is in the mail as I type this thread. The test s were grueling at Charleston REC and I’m for certain if i had skipped Instructor Chief engineer Bill Muths 4 week DDE course i would have failed royaly. The Staff is great and know the ins and outs of getting you ready to test. I would like to say thank you to MAMA.

The guy is a class act!

I thought they had a 1600 prep class. But I didn;t see it on their web page