3rd/2nd mate unlimited exam prep

Has anybody attended the 3rd/2nd mate unlimited exam prep at Mid-Atlantic?

I haven’t attended that prep class, however, I spent a week and a half with their Terrestrial/Celestial instructor. He is a retired Navy Masterchief Quartermaster. It was the best $1000.00 I spent on my unlimited license!! I would not have passed the T Nav without him and his instruction. I also took Cargo at Mid- Atlantic. The school facilities and instructors are very good at what they do. I don’t think you could go wrong prepping there. They have a couple of options: one on one with a instructor or You can “rent a space” and materials I’m a classroom. Give them a call and explain your situation. I hope this helps. Good luck.

Thanks for the information. My only issue is getting time off to coincide with their schedule. I’m sure everybody is familiar with that dilemma.

Thanks again

No problem. Yeah, scheduling is the most difficult part.

[QUOTE=backn98;130314]Has anybody attended the 3rd/2nd mate unlimited exam prep at Mid-Atlantic?[/QUOTE]
I did, back in 2008, when the OICNW classes were required.MAMA was the best of the many schools I’ve been to, including STAR Center in Dania.
This is because of the excellent instructors that were there. I am a hawsepiper and they taught on my level, and I found I picked everything right up.
I had been doing volunteer work, and MAMA actually cut me some slack in payment, saving me thousands of dollars. Loved that place- we all went
out to eat once or twice, as well. Nothing but nice things to say about that school.Heck, the receptions even invited me to her church.