Chief limited Oceans test prep

Striking out with this one. Mama said possibly again in the future, the girl at MPT was nice on the phone but just lost, they aren’t running one, I see a school in Houston with something listed but haven’t heard back. Anyone taken the prep class somewhere else ? I’ve only gotten back into the industry a few months ago after 2.5yrs shoreside, not sure if theres other new schools doing them or ? Rather bite the 6wk bullet on this one, studying on my own isnt going to happen. :joy:

Since you said Oceans, I’m going to assume you’re working on a deck license. if so, you might want to check out STAR Center, MITAGS (both Baltimore and Seattle) and Crawfords .

Good Luck

If i can self study and pass, anyone can. I think there is no choice now, you have to test under the new rules with the new question bank. The new question bank has a lot less questions, and in my opinion the subject matter is easier. I know this by accident because when i upgraded last year i was using the new material for a couple months not realizing i was testing under the old rules. Seriously, self study! Its not much different than the dde unlimited test.


:+1: I hadn’t talked to anyone who’s taken it recently. I was wondering just what I was up against and if the prep was worth it.

It’s engine, but an outdated term. Prior to 2014, there were two Chief Engineer-Limited licenses, oceans and near coastal. They were combined in 2014.

Thank you Mr. Cavo

Most (including me) are surprised when they learn there are route and/or tonnage limits on some engine licenses.