Chief Mate License Prep Options

Does anyone have any recommendations for Chief Mate License Prep courses? I have heard great things about MITAG’s month long course, but it is full unfortunately and I only have 5 months to complete my exams. I am located on the East Coast, but willing to travel.

I took classes at MaMa in Norfolk. Great instructors and an excellent learning environment. I passed Chief Mate test in 3 days with great scores. Ed at MaMa is awesome, he makes sure you pass. I cant say enough good things about that school, worth every penny. Great cheesesteak place next door too.

Did you take the Deck Self Study? Or just the advancement classes? I have taken a few courses at MAMA, and it is near my house. I just didnt think they had a license prep course…

I did 3 weeks of self study prior to taking test in Charm City. I also took many upgrade courses, Cel Nav Stability Terr Nav BRM etc…

I’ve been hammering lapware for a while and doing pretty well. Getting the swing of the stability and celestial questions is key, as well as knowing what can and can’t be found in the provided books. I test in three weeks and starting to feel the nervousness.

Bumping this up to try and get some opinions…

How much time do you think is reasonable to prepare for the Chief Mate unlimited exams after completing all the necessary courses and tasks?

I’m from the UK and trying to get my head around exactly how the system works in the US.