Northeast Marine Institute

Good morning gentlemen…quick question. Does anyone have any opinions on this school?

OK. If its convenient, they all go through the same stuff.

In my family, we call it NorthEASY Institute.

Your profile says “midcoast Maine”. You could try Downeast maritime. They do classes in Rockland all the time.

I have taken classes at Downeast Maritime and will be taking more there later on. They do a great job but don’t have the tankerman training. That’s why I am checking on this school with everyone. I appreciate all the feedback.

I took ARPA there and it was ok, but I heard that 3 guys that took the 1600 prep course there all failed the test, They all ended up at MPT and took it over again there,

Been there 2x for classes, everyone was good to deal with, and the facility was comfortable. Just remember to donate some money to those lucky ladies over on the island when you go there, single moms need to work too.

Just make sure none of them are the bridge tender that got a sex change

Try Northeast Maritime Institute in Fairhaven, MA. That’s where I did my tankerman training last spring. They have a pretty decent course lineup overall.

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Then I realized that could most likely be my next Deckhand!

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You guys are starting to make me think that I should not help those poor young mothers…this bridge tender “thing” is starting to scare me…LOL

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I had a good experience there. Flashing Light, AB & Lifeboatman. GREAT clam chowder to be had Margaret’s by the ferry dock. Back in 2005/2006, anyway.

Margarets and Elizabeths is still fantastic, I ate there just a couple weeks ago last time off. Scallops Rockefeller for 11 bucks! They’ve also got the best tuna melt in the northeast, next to the lobster pot in ptown.