Northeast Maritime Institute

Looking to take prep course for master 500 ton license upgrade from master 200 ton. Does anyone have experience with Northeast Maritime Institute? They have a 500 ton prep course scheduled for May 2010 and I was wondering whether this institute would be better than Maritime Professional Training based in Fort Lauderdale. Which of the two would be considered better to attend?

MPT has a great reputation. Never been there, but they actually fail people.

North EASY Maritime never does, as long as your check is good.

You decide.

I was inquiring about the 500 ton prep course from these institutes. The actual tests are taken at the Coast Guard.

LE Fletcher in Houma,La with Capt Ken Bruce is excellant

CG at MPT in Ft Lauderdale teaches a great class. I’m not a brain, but I followed her lead and scored 100% on all mods for 1600 masters license. She also teaches celestial. Highly recommended. Good Luck

I have had FABULOUS experience NE Maritime.
I did AB, Lifeboat, First Aid and Flashing Light all with those guys.
It was first rate training by a well-trained knowledgeable staff.

While yer check dies need to be good, you WILL need to pass the tests given. They WILL ensure you pass them in a [U]credible[/U] manner even if it means returning the following week.

Check out there met-cop program I think its GREAT for hawspipers, saves a LOT of money

I have attended BOTH schools extensively. You cannot go wrong with either one. They BOTH require you to work for and EARN your qwualifications, but will give you all the help you can ask for if needed.

I met two guys at the REC Mandeville when I was testing for Chief Mate AGT. They were there testing for OSV licenses. They were both doing not so good. I asked them what they had been studying and both said they were studying material from fletcher and at fletcher.

Everything that is on these tests is available on lapware or Capt. Joe’s. All study material is available to purchase. Way cheaper than some school, plus you can study in the comfort of your home or even better at work while you are getting paid, instead of paying someone to let you study in their facility.

Can’t go wrong with any of the courseS at MITAGS, its nice to learn from real professionals every once in a while.