500 ton master schools

I heard there’s a school in florida, that is suppose to be one of the best to go to for your 500 tn masters.
Does anyone know the name of it?

Here’s a good place to start looking:

All sorts of good info there.

The NMC site used to list schools by state, but apparently don’t do that anymore.

This school came up in a couple of threads:


Save the hassle and money. Once you have completed the necessary STCW classes (BRM, BST, RADAR, Adv. FF) get lapware at www.lapware.org and use it!

Try M.P.T. (maritime professional training) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

It’s cheaper in LA check out the state funded schools Delgado and Fletcher even with hotel room and travel if they offer a class that fits when you need it it will most likely be more cost affective.

I dont think there is an actual class you take to get your 500. I think what most schools offer is a test prep class that you take and then go test at your REC.

Go see the man, the myth , the legand witch is Capt. Ken Bruce at Fletcher in Houma, Before he retiers!