Weird Photo of Golden Ray on it's side

That was painter’s choice to bring the boot-top in following the lines instead of extending out to meet the corner.

Too much chasing Opti kids has me imaging about 500 10 year olds hanging on the bilge keel yelling COME ONE OVER COME ON OVER!

  • are those things bilge keels or what? No idea really

Cool image of USGC Helo landed on side, also
What kind of Bottom paint are they using? Clean bottom!

This photo has a rare combination of facts and view angles, quasi never seen elsewhere:

  • the ship lies nearly at 90° heeling

  • the ship lies on a flat horizontal bottom

  • the lower end of the transom (the blue-red color change) is a straight horizontal line (heeled = vertical)

  • no superstructures are visible

  • the photographer is nearly at the altitude of the ship’s longitudinal centerline

  • the extreme telephoto cannot show what is nearer, the bow or the stern

Hence, the photographer could be in a wide angular range and always show the red bottom, longitudinally more or less distorted

Only the apparent height of the dark-blue transom (heeled = width), against its real height, would permit to calculate the angle of the photo relative to the ship’s centerline. Or even the apparent ratio half-beam / length of the ship on the pic against the real one.

This seems to be beyond the automatic capacity of our brains…

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I thought that too. Looks like it hasn’t been too long since the last dry docking.

NEW: GA, St. Simons Sound Capsized Ship Update:
An emergency safety zone has been established in St Simons Sound, GA. On September 8, 2019, RORO, M/V GOLDEN RAY, was outbound from Brunswick, GA when the vessel laid over on its side. The vessel is in the channel at 31°07’39.66N/081°24’10.58W between St Simons lighthouse and the north end of Jekyll Island. The river is closed to commercial traffic unless authorized by Captain of the Port Savannah. No vessel is authorized access within .5 nautical miles of the vessel, unless engaged in emergency response. For further information, contact the United States Coast Guard at (912) 652-4353. VHF-FM channel 16 will also be monitored for any concerned traffic. Chart 11502 (7th District LNM Week 37/2019)
And now, Focus shifts to salvage, pollution mitigation of capsized ship off Ga. coast
September 10, 2019 at 4:24 PM EDT - Updated September 10 at 5:35 PM
ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) - The U.S. Coast Guard is working to develop the best plan to retrieve the Golden Ray cargo ship from the St. Simons Sound. The vessel capsized as it attempted to execute a turn on Sunday morning.The Coast Guard held a press conference on Tuesday afternoon to provide updates for what’s next as they attempt to flip the ship. They say they’re focusing on salvage and pollution mitigation.
They also say that Brunswick port operations are also a priority. The shipping channel has been closed since Sunday, but the Coast Guard says their goal is to have it open for limited commercial traffic as early as Thursday.
“We are currently transitioning from a rescue operation to a continued operations,” said Commander Norm Witt, commander of Marine Safety Unit- Savannah. "This is a complex case. We have salvage to deal with on a large vessel, we have pollution mitigation efforts ongoing, and there are some waterways and port operations issues as well. We certainly understand that there are real and significant impacts that this incident is causing. Obviously our number one priority is safety, public safety and safety for first responders. Potential environmental impacts that we’re attempting to mitigate, and there’s also some very real concerns on economic impact. Again, we’re trying to mitigate those as best we can. "
The ship is 656 feet long and weighs 71,000 tons. It was carrying more than 4,200 cars when it crashed off of the Glynn County coast.
USCG News Release, Sept. 11, 2019:
Unified Command & Joint Information Center established for St. Simons Sound Incident
BRUNSWICK, Ga. — A Unified Command and Joint Information Center (JIC) have been established for the cargo vessel Golden Ray response and salvage efforts.
The Unified Command consists of the U.S. Coast Guard, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and Gallagher Marine Systems. Multiple federal, state, local and partner organizations are also assisting in the response.
The Unified Command’s operational priorities are ensuring the safety of the public and responders, protecting wildlife and the environment, ensuring economical activities in the area are minimally affected, and the eventual salvage and safe removal of the vessel.
A Joint Information Center has been established. The response website is , where media and individuals can subscribe for further updates. Media can also reach the JIC at the primary number, (912) 944-7122 .

I modified the original to add some blur to simulate perspective.

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