Boom crutch overkill


Safety first.

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Hunter wannabee.

Is this for the boom… or to stock the caught huge fish?

Why is the treehouse I built by myself when I was 8 on someone’s yacht?

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Another guy on his way to Skull Island to capture King Kong.

Good to have her snug up tight against the dock stern to. That way she won’t bump around when the jet-skis drive by.

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Hoisting up the ol Atomic 4 for an overhaul maybe…

I think Reghauler figured it out - which also explains the 2X4s across the top.

In that case it’s in the wrong location. The Atomic 4 is located under the companionway steps. Its listed weight is 310 pounds. The couple in this video show the correct way to do it. The lifting point is close enough to the mast so as to not put excessive load on the topping lift.

That was my thought. I’ve done it, though without the chicken coop.

When I first saw it from a distance I thought it was framework for a pilot house. Dumb idea on a 27’ sailboat but I’ve seen worse. There’s no Atomic 4 under the cockpit sole of a Catalina 27 or 30, it’s open storage so the cage is still a mystery to me; but now my curiosity is up so I’ll go do a look see again tomorrow for the latest developments.

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Please don’t tell me this is a local OBX’r doing this shit with all the help/advice around on the island.

WAFI season in the harbor is in full swing and the Bayliner navy is out in full force.

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I get it big guy. The staples aren’t holding on the Bayliners… My third and best chuckle of the day. My guy texted me today, has had 6 days off since May on the “Seaducer”. They are nailing it.

It’s going to be a long tourist season and one for the record book. Some businesses are booking into November.