Any idea what this guy is doing?

He’s been anchored on that spot for a week with the boom deployed in various positions

Where is that? Off Lauderdale?

Cocoa Beach

That looks like one of Space X vessel. Could be the Doug or Bob just by the vessels painting.

Thanks. Makes sense. I guess the tests had to be conducted ‘at sea’ so anchoring a little ways off fulfilled the obligation. Starlink has been launching rockets pretty regularly since we moved within sight of the launch stages. A big show coming up August 15: a NASA rocket with live cargo to the space station.

She might not be anchored, those are old Chouest vessel and they are DP-2. Yeah you can search for those vessel mentioned and compare pictures.

I assumed he boat’s variable headings were a result of being anchored. I’m not familiar with DP. Out of curiosity, does DP take into account wind direction and adjust heading to minimize windage by facing into the wind?

Yes, that would be Weathervane mode, the DP computer will calculate an ideal heading based on DP Current , which is all combined forces on the vessel, otherwise you would just select that as your new heading manually.

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Good call, according to MarineTraffic its Bob.

Doug (ex Ingrid):

And Bob (ex Ella G):